Event series: "Digitalisation in district heating?"

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Event series: "Digitalisation in district heating?"

Software & Tools for District Heating Applications

Objectives of the event series for speakers

Regardless of whether you are already selling a commercial product, would like to adapt an established product to the German market, are looking for partners for demo projects, or are looking for an experienced practical partner from the district heating industry for the final development steps, in the course of the event series "Digitialisation in District Heating? - Software & Tools for District Heating Applications", you will have the opportunity to present the added value of your product and address your wishes to the industry.

With the event series, the AGFW R&D department would like to offer innovative companies the opportunity to present themselves and their products to the district heating industry. The activities in the course of the virtual jubilee year "50 years AGFW", which are especially tailored to AGFW member companies (more than 270 district heating supply companies and further 230 companies from the district heating industry), are the prelude for this.

The aim of the online offer is to reach different representatives of specific departments of a company, which is made possible by the short time required for participants. In this way, they can directly form an opinion as to whether and how a presented tool is helpful in their own company, and queries and discussions can be conducted very quickly on a professional level.

The events are conducted purely online and are limited to 60 min. After a short introduction by AGFW, each of the maximum of three speakers will have 10 min to present themselves and their product in the best possible way. The participants have the possibility to send their questions via chat to the moderator at any time, who then collects and processes the questions. The moderator then asks the questions afterwards or during a final discussion round (up to 30 min) in which all speakers can have their say again.

To register for a lecture in this series, we would like to ask you to fill out this questionnaire and send it to s.grimm@agfw.de. The questionnaire will be used as a basis to promote the individual presentation dates and to give the participants a rough overview of the expected topics. Additional information will also be requested to enable AGFW to provide a detailed overview in the area of DH software tools and technologies, with the aim of incorporating this input into ongoing and future research projects (to identify contacts and potential research partners) and to support member companies in finding concrete solutions to problems.

For more information on the registration process, please refer to the questionnaire submission.

The series of events will be held in the course of the 50th anniversary of the AGFW and is expected to start at the end of August. As soon as the events are scheduled, you can find them at https://www.agfw-50jahre.de/veranstaltungen and find all the information on registration there.

Dates will be announced shortly.

Further AGFW events in the course of the 50th anniversary can be found at https://www.agfw-50jahre.de/veranstaltungen

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